Recreation of better art through the system of artificial intelligence

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 3, 2019 | 7590 Views

A new deep learning system is assisted in reproducing art with a 3D printer for accuracy by the team of computer science and artificial intelligence. Through this system a process is combined which is called halftoning, where ink is used as a little dot and techniques like layering is also used which have multiple colors in it. This technique is mainly combined with deep learning model which helps us in predicting the stack of multiple inks, which results in the unprecedented spectral accuracy. 

This system mainly works on the condition of lightning which have the capability of color reproduction which is far better than any other work. It is noted by the researchers that the art will be more available as our reliance on museums to showcase the painting and sculpture which is original inherently limits the usage leaves those paintings for damaging. These days the fine arts value has been increased, so the tendency which is increased for this to be locked up away in the warehouses. Noted by Mike Foshey who is the mechanical engineer. 

For reversing this trend and creating an inexpensive reproduction, technology is being built which can be enjoyed by every individual. This system is still getting developed as the printers these days printers read the reflections which are glossy as a white highlight, but there is an incorporate identification of the clarity which is found in the paintings. Surface reflection will be used by this system rather than the fewer colors for producing the glossy picture. 

Since this system reproduces across few centimeters only so this is the reason water lilies look more like the postage stamps. Engineers are well anticipating for getting the cost and time of printing where they can accommodate the larger productions. Recruiters are moving towards the accurate 3D copies of the painted works.

Source: HOB