Development of Technology in future

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 3, 2019 | 23172 Views

Today there are multiple improvements in the technology advancement which will be more advanced in the upcoming future. There are multiple exciting technologies which will continue in transforming the world and improving the welfare of humans. 

Self-driving cars
These cars exist today and are also safer and better than the cars which are driven by humans. It is expected that in the upcoming time it will become safer and move towards the mainstream. The world is reshaped by the world in the 20th century and the self-driving cars will be done in the 21st century. These cars would be used in the continuous time which will reduce the need for parking. There will be more advanced technology which will be there, as cars will have the benefit of communicating with each other where accidents and traffic jams are avoided and riders would also be benefited by this as this time they could easily spend in some other task like in socializing, working and education. 

Virtual and augmented reality
The processors are much faster than it was earlier which are able to power convincing virtual and augmented reality experiences. For making the VR more attractive, cost-effective and easy there are companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, etc who are investing a lot of money in it. VR will be used for all kinds of activities not only gaming. It will also be used for the medical applications and meeting friends and colleagues all around the world. It is expected that they both will become the reality of mainstream in the upcoming years. 

Drones and flying cars
GPS was only used as a military technology but now it is used in multiple places like in hailing taxes, finding the routes from maps, and many more. Same with drones it is also now used at multiple application be it multiple or commercial. For delivering the household items Amazon and Google are building drones and other than this there is a startup Zipline, it also uses drones for delivering the supplies to remote villages. Flying cars also use the technologies which are advanced and are used in drones which are too large to carry people. The advancement in batteries and software makes the flying cars affordable and more convenient than the airplanes and the helicopters. 

Pocket supercomputers for everyone
In the upcoming years, a large number of adults has smartphones which are connected to the internet. Today smartphones are just like the supercomputers. Ordinary people get the ability to work well on smartphones as they are connected to the internet. The communication system becomes prominent as we compare it to the earlier period.  Through this education system is also getting developed as all the material is provided online and a large number of people can easily access to what they want. The education is free of cost and it is of high quality too. There are multiple schools which provide education which is free of cost. 

Better food through science and computerized medicines
 Multiple advanced technologies are developed for improving the food system. As some of the food products are developed by using the modification of genetic which is a powerful scientific technique. Another one is the automated farming which very beneficial in the harvesting of the crops. Due to multiple advances in the sensors, lighting, etc indoor farms is becoming the traditional outdoor farm's alternatives. Computers are used for the research and for keeping the record but these days the combination of computer science and medicine is leading high in developing the resources. Computers are becoming more effective for the disease diagnosing also. The system of Al has the capability for diagnosing diseases very effectively.

Source: HOB