How the education industry is getting enhanced through artificial intelligence?

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 9, 2019 | 6648 Views

In this world of an academy, technology is becoming more personalized and efficient for students which are due to the advancements in the artificial intelligence. There are many applications which are upcoming and trough this technology our way of learning is getting changed. Education for us is becoming more accessible as these days students have smart devices and computers which make them aware of education. Through artificial intelligence not only students but it also helps us in the automation of the tasks which are administrative, and it also helps the organization for reducing the time which is spent on the difficult tasks.
 Students have learning features which are more adaptive and personalized tools which improve the experience of the student. Technology helps the students to grab knowledge which is beyond their academic life.

Some ways how artificial intelligence is changing the education industry:
1.The automation of Administrative Tasks
For both organizations and professors, artificial intelligence can easily automate administrative tasks. Students are benefited through grading the homework, for evaluating the essays and offering value. The process of grading is already automated by artificial intelligence in various choices of tests to allow more time with the students. As technology is getting more advanced, the software developers are creating certain ways for the responses. The classification of the paperwork and the processing is also automated by artificial intelligence.
 2.The addition of smart content
These days digital content is created by robots having the same degree of grammatical process and this digital content has already reached to the students. Textbooks are also digitized through artificial intelligence and it also creates the interfaces which are customized for digital learning. A platform like Netex Learning had allowed lecturers and professors for designing content and a digital curriculum which includes videos, audios, etc. 
3.Some tutors and personalization
If we see to the past, students have restricted time where they could interact with their professors. If we see now we have many smart systems of tutoring which is Carnegie Learning which helps to give them good feedback. The education is provided to students worldwide, and there is no restriction for the time and area. And in the upcoming time, these platforms will be able to adapt several learning steps which will help in building every student and tutors.
 4.Virtual lecturers and learning environment
A robot might replace the actual lecturer soon, but there are many human guides which are already there who communicate with humans by using the advanced technology which helps to recognize the gesture. The environment of digital learning is coming into reality, and there are several institutions which are developing smart atmosphere and platform. There are several organizations which use artificial intelligence, for making social interactions with the customers.

Source: HOB