Some books which are not about data science but data scientists should go through it

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 9, 2019 | 32469 Views

Over the past years, it was witnessed that data science is majorly used by everyone and there are rise and fall of some words like big data, business intelligence, analytics and these days artificial intelligence. Today there are many aspiring data scientists who are encouraged in learning the techniques of modeling. There are several books which will help a data scientist to get prepared philosophically.


This book is written by Nassim Taleb, who is the most famous and the best IMO of Antifragile. On risks, Taleb has the ability to think modernly and also helps to solve problems relating to the quantitative modeling.  He also calls people who are intelligent yet idiots as he is well known for the trolls of Twitter. In all of his writings, he always challenges your assumptions which will make you to either love or hate him.

Fortunes Formula

This is about the story of a formula that is the Kelly criterion which has a huge amount of financial success. Here you will also get to know about the father of information theory who is Claude Shannon. This book mainly shows about how the leading model cant be ignored forever. This story is of the earlier times where computer science and mathematics team came together for solving the problems of the real world. And known to be the foreshadowing story of the industry of data science 60 years before it was created.

Chaos- making a new science

It is about the detailed history of the sciences of the earlier time. Through this book, we will get an understanding of the capabilities limitations to the model of the real world. There are many models of deep learning which are being developed and destroyed as it was not understood due to the processes which are non-linear. This book also gives you the life and works review of Benoit Mandelbrot which makes this a book which is must for a data scientist. James Gleick is a famous author who wrote many other excellent books.

Dark Pools

This book reveals the story of a programmer that has changed the trading of the stock market forever. There are prediction models which are being deployed in the world which is having trading of higher frequencies where decisions are made at faster speeds. This story illuminates how many problems can be solved by knowing some code this is the fantastic thing about this book. As something craziness is necessary for solving the hard issues.  

These books will help you to build a philosophical career for data scientists who are working on real life problems. 

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