Access knowledge for free: EBooks on Hadoop, deep Learning and DataViz

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Some Ebooks which will give enhance your knowledge for free in deep learning, Hadoop and DataViz. Here you have some links to get these free EBooks.

R Deep Learning Essentials
This book is written by Joshua F. Wiley. If you want to go to the world of deep learning, here is everything whatever you want to know. You can easily access the packages like building models which are related to neural networks, deep prediction and whatever you have you can optimize it. You will learn how you can set up the R package H2O for training the models of deep learning, for the deep learning models understand the deep concepts, data can be predicted automatically through these networks and you can easily build generalizable models too.

Learning IPython for Interactive Computing and Data Visualization
This book is published by Cyrille Rosant
With the tutorials, this book helps you with analyzing the data and the numerical computing, where you can easily discover how to make IPython. You will get to know why Python is the most leading language in the world of data. You will explore the datasets interactively and perform manipulations of the complex data with pandas. It will help you in creating the data visualization which is engaging with matplotlib and seaborn. Your code can be accelerated with Numba, Cython, and IPython. You will also learn to extend the notebook interface with the HTML, JavaScript, and D3.

Hadoop explained
By Aravind Shenoy
Hadoop is the leading technology which is mainly built on data. Here you will get to know how it has evaluated and progressed to address the challenges of Big Data with the meaningful guide.  Here you will learn how the landscape of the data I changed by Hadoop and you will discover the advantages of Hadoop from the scalability to security, and you can see how wide data is being handled. You will learn to identify the functions of Hadoop.

Advanced machine learning with Python
By John Hearty
You will see some detailed code samples with will tell you the techniques of deep learning, semi-supervised learning and many more. You will get a clear description of how the techniques work and the examples that demonstrate the techniques of deep learning in the applications of the real world.  Here you will learn to push your python algorithm to the potential which is maximum, you will get the techniques of machine learning which are more relevant and powerful. How these techniques work and how it is demonstrated?

Getting started with TensorFlow
By Giancarlo Zaccone
You will get the main fundamentals of Go, which will be the types, maps, and the program structures. You will hold the grasp of the tools and the libraries which are there for writing and exercising tests and code coverage. You will learn how to use the Go concurrency idioms for avoiding the pitfalls and you will get to know the basic concepts of a machine and deep learning.

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