Educations forthcoming: The artificial intelligence Nanodegree program

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 10, 2019 | 7428 Views

Across many industries, there are many large enterprises and businesses having the high performance which are tidily turning towards artificial intelligence and new analytics to make the decisions faster, productively and data-driven. The volume of the data which are structured or unstructured is growing at a rapid rate. People having the skills of artificial intelligence and the data scientists who are skilled, their demand is getting increased. And for building these skills you need to have time, energy and money. Businesses are working for the struggle for deploying and managing the projects of artificial intelligence due to resources which are lacking.

In 2017, IBM predicted that in the future, these skills will get a good demand and would grow rapidly with the job listings of more than 2.7 million. There are many businesses which are looking to fill the suite of the advanced roles in the world driven from artificial intelligence and these roles are:
  • Data scientists
  • Chatbot developers
  • Computer vision engineers
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Artificial intelligence researchers
  • Artificial intelligence architects
There are several other questions too. And for every question the effective solution is Nanodegree. Here you will have some reasons why more people are opting for these specialized programs online to help them in their artificial intelligence careers:

Nanodegree offers you with multiple experiences with the value of real world
The traditional system of delivering the training is theory based and the seminars are delivered with the help of slides of the presentation or the textbooks. And if we take Nanodegree, it is a program where projects of real data science are used and the models of machine learning which helps in running the data, engines are developed, experiment test cases are designed and it also leverages the leading tools of the industry. 
From planning to execution, the analysis of artificial intelligence projects helps in fledging data scientists and the researchers to improve their skills and have a good knowledge of the strategic role, artificial intelligence, and analytics solve the challenges of businesses. There are many experts who have contributed to these nano degree programs which makes everything more interacting. 

Learn from top minds in artificial intelligence and data science
Udacity launched Nanodegree which have many technological areas which are artificial intelligence or data science and leaders of the active industry taught them. MOOC offers Nanodegree which helps and enhance students having the opportunity to learn from the leaders.

New opportunities are opened and existing roles are leveled up
The one having the Nanodegrees, demanding the areas of certain advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, data science, advanced data analytics or any other related field can easily increase and enhance their secondary education. There are many courses in it which will help them to build skills and if future they can aim for the higher salaries within their industry which include the financial services, automotive, agriculture, govt., etc.

Digital transformation age
Through the forms of artificial intelligence, many businesses are enhanced and have changed. And these forms are the customer service Chabot and marketing campaigns are improved and risk is managed through artificial intelligence. Customers are more comfortable with the bots and they get help from the assistant. There are many companies who are investing in the Nanodegrees for the ones whose artificial career is being impacted.

The once who are working for a full time, Nanodegree programs help them to enhance their skills which solves the challenges of a real world which companies are expecting.

Source: HOB