To get a Job Learn Top 4 Programming Languages

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 28, 2019 | 20139 Views

This video will show you the top four programming languages to learn in 2019 to get a job without a college degree. The way that I've ranked these languages they are based on three things number firstly, the time it takes even an absolute beginner to go from complete zero and ultimately getting a job without needing a college degree, Job Market: now this is the most important one you guys this is what you're here for the salary and how much money are you making? Productivity: how fast can you go from conception of an idea to a completely coated application that another person can use. 

So now this video will cover the top four programming languages to learn in 2019 to get a job without needing a college degree.
This programming language is very powerful people from software development as all of it in game development are using it. If you have ever heard of the engine called unity that is using C++ and if you can program in C++ you can also use unity to create awesome games. However, it is a difficult programming language to get started with it. Just to recap great programming language great salary not good to start off with and the salary for C++ a hundred and fifteen thousand dollars a year number.

Swift is a native iOS programming language used to create things in the App Store. How friggin cool is that imagine you are going through your iPhone and you go to the App Store and you download stuff all of that is made using Swift Swift. Also comes from the C programming languages so it came from Objective C and then you know C++ happen and its similar to C. If you know C++ you are going to be able to learn Swift pretty quickly. if in this video more technical terms you want to start off with a more dynamic programming language, this is static which makes it harder to learn as a beginner now. Swift is really good for freelancing work, entrepreneurial work, if you want to build your own startup and its real for getting a fulltime job. The average salary of a swift developer is 110,000dollars per year according to

It always has like a lot of new things coming out. Its a lot easier to learn then Swift and C++. It has again many new features and new things coming into. JavaScript is a great language by the way and really fun. Moving on to the most powerful and amazing programming language.

 PYTHON Erlang 
Erlang did that trick you there because it's not Erlang its Python. If we talk about Python its officially been googled more than Kim Kardashian in 2018 that should just be reason enough to start doing Python. Instagram is built with Python, YouTube is built with Python, Google is built with Python, Reddit is built with Python, Korres built with Python, Hipmunk is built on Python, NASA runs on Python and even Amazon uses data science to recommend to you stuff that you never even thought that you needed. Netflix recommends you movies you're like I didn't even know I wanted to watch this movie and at Washington it's freaking awesome when you use your phone and It recognizes your face whether you're laughing, crying, or smiling. You have a weird face, that's using data science and machine learning and Python is very heavy on data science and machine learning. According to the Stack Overflow 2019survey and it's on its way to becoming the most popular programming language in the world. 

Here this video lay down the specific path for you to go from complete maybe your if you're a beginner right now all the way to how can you get freelance and clients or get a fulltime job or maybe even build your own startup.

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