Pick the best Programming Language for becoming a Freelance developer

By ridhigrg |Email | Feb 4, 2019 | 41238 Views

If you want to become a freelancer in programming or if you want to be a freelancer developer, which language should you learn? This is a question many people get all the time! And there are many who keep answering it from different points of view. This video shows you the main idea of how you have to look at the market around you to make that decision every different region for freelancing. 
C++ is not going to be the language if for a freelancer. I don't think there are any C++ jobs for free freelancers. So if you're going to do C++ coding, you have to expect you're going to be working for a company. There is nothing wrong with that, some people prefer that, so they don't like that. It depends what you want to do, but if you want to get into freelancing you have to first look at the local market and make this the decision based on what you see in the local market. So how do you look at the local market, you look at indeed.com as an example of the site you look what people are hiring and you see if they're hiring as freelancers or not you can look on sites that hire freelance developers out there. There are many out there who can suggest them and you can start checking that out if you want to work remotely as a freelancer. 

Web Stack
The web stack, of course, huge, that starts with html5 and CSS.CSS straight just so you know just in case you're wondering you have HTML and html5 at one point there was a difference because html5 was this big leap forward from the previous version of HTML and so in 2002 range, 2013 range, that time frame. People looked at html5 and HTML being kind of different things because html5 loaded a huge amount of power into HTML. These days though a 2017 good well, if you a week or so from 2018, the html5 that's it html5 all the browsers understand and process html5 perfectly the Nerds will say the browsers support to html5, salt HTML, html5. 
CSS is considered different because it was a big leap forward and turns out a tech so everybody considers differently. Now its a CSS like my beginners, HTML and CSS course. They teach html5 and css3, so my beginners see as HTML course is an html5 course. So when you're looking at freelance you have to consider the technology C++. I don't think there's going to be any freelancing jobs there where all the freelance money is still in the web stack. Why?  Because every single business just about it has to have some sort of web site yes some will use things like Wix. But that's only a temporary thing I think when companies get serious about their websites they're going to be looking in customer jobs.

 WordPress is huge, you've got a huge number of business sites out there. I think something like 30% or 35% of the world's websites, the world's websites are on WordPress and that means a lot of these business owners are going to need WordPress developers. People who know WordPress well or who can configure it, lock it down, who can install plugins, who can modify and add new themes etc. So there's a lot of activity in the WordPress space for WordPress developers. 
So in this interactive web developer course, the key coding will be given to you, but training what you need for WordPress is html5, css3 and a few jobs. Well, we have complete jobs of course in PHP but if you're working with WordPress, you just need a little JavaScript and PHP for when getting into a theme creation so forth and then we have a theme creating course so there you go so you have to know your way around WordPress. 
Anyway so back to freelancing, yes so freelancer you going to look at local opportunities, you can look online, you got to consider the languages when you look at the local opportunities what you're probably going to see. There's going to be lots of opportunities for the web stack, the web stack developers you won't see many opportunities for freelance in C++, C sharp and Java.

In the business world 90% of the business, not 80% of businesses are small and medium-sized businesses which are far more likely to loot use PHP based web apps or websites, WordPress based sites which are PHP, Drupal than anything else. When you get into very large organizations they're going to be doing C++ or if they're doing web stuff, they would be doing java web or a Dotnet web and again it's very regional for specific.
PHP today, its every bit as sophisticated and as capable as all the modern languages out there and frameworks out there, no question but there's this bias against it this prejudice against it for some reason.
There's such a big demand, this is like this giant niche in the programming world, in the development world, PHP developer, WordPress developer because everybody wants to jump into AI or they want to jump into a Java or they want to jump into Python which is great.
There's a huge gap for PHP developers which means a lot of money to be made because of a lot of crappy PHP developers out there. But if you could be the good one then well even if you wanted a crappy one so its probably a ton of work for you, out there.

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